About Fleur Knowles 


The Collarbone Collective aims to bring balance between the head and heart of educating young children. Somewhere in between the head and the heart is the collarbone! Strong and stable, reaching out horizontally like children's services that nurture the well-being of all involved within.

The challenges faced by communities points to the increasing complexities of raising children. It is evident that if we want a prosperous country that many individuals need to contribute positively towards raising children to enable them to grow in stability and safety.

This work is a Collective, as my compassion and motivation for wanting the best for children is shared by many. Change happens and momentum builds when we encourage each other to creatively and confidently take action to instigate better ways ahead for everyone's benefit. 

I am Fleur. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I have always worked with children and families. I believe life is to be enjoyed, as complex as it gets. It's about having connections with others and living with a purpose.

My purpose is to be an advocate for children and the natural world.

    The best bits of me are:

  • my love of people and the ability to connect with anyone,

  • my passion for seeing all children nurtured, respected, protected and allowed to be kids,

  • my commitment to expose the value of those who work with young children and to give them the highest recognition possible,

  • my unrelenting drive to support children's service workers so they have high levels of job satisfaction, a balance of work/life integration and a deep knowing of what they do on a daily basis plays an extremely important role in the lives of children.  

In all I do I integrate my Mother-craft nursing, Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care, Celebrant and Certified Life Coach training into my Consultancy work in Early Childhood Services.

My husband, David and I share a deep love of the natural world. For over 20 years our business, Spineless Wonders, has advocated for and educated about the need to care for all animals and their habitats, with a particular our focus is invertebrates.

We have one daughter who we adore and admire.

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