Communication Workshops

All Workshops $330.00/hour.

Some workshops run for 1½ hours.

If you are outside the Perth metro. area

travel and accommodation costs will apply.

Whole teams

Positive Educator well being is integral to the quality of early childhood education. When staff are engaged and relationships are strong there is job satisfaction and service commitment .

Working with children is one of the most life affirming roles and the best children service to work in is one where the culture is underpinned by values that everyone incorporates into their daily plan.

​With all staff working to the beat of the same drum a pride of purpose is cultivated along with enthusiasm and job satisfaction. When staff have a strong sense of meaning and self-worth there is a creative energy which children and those using the service notice. What they notice and sense is camaraderie, harmony and connection.





Team members have the opportunity to:

  • Recognise the importance of prioritising ones own social & emotional well-being.

  • Highlight and appreciate collective experience, skill, talent and strengths that already exist among staff as the foundation to build upon.

  • Explore areas of work/life integration that gives satisfaction and brings joy.

  • Address areas in life that appear stuck or blocked and learn how to move through them towards personal potential and fulfillment.

  • Build an understanding of how to instigate lasting change and put actions in place to achieve what you know is best for yourself and the team as a whole.

    Do well and live with purpose!

OSHC Teams

This two - hour workshop held at your service is designed to be fun, while unifying your team into an environment where kindness and camaraderie prevail with everyone knowing what is expected of them.
It allows opportunities to:

  1. State shared values and expectations that will underpin the culture of the whole program.

  2. Highlight individual team members' strengths, especially if someone is new to the team.

  3. Explore ways staff will commit to and be intentional towards cultivating their own well-being so energy and motivation remain stable. This will prevent fatigue and uphold attentiveness while working in a positive and respected team environment.

  4. a. Learn ways other team members feel supported, valued and appreciated so a positive atmosphere is upheld while working together to nurture and care for children.
    b. Prepare, recognise and reinforce how to back each other up should a stressful or challenging situation arise.

  5. Celebrate at the end of a program to confirm and convey gratitude and appreciation to each other for a job well done. This lays the foundation of a healthy environment to reflect, discuss & share ways of making continuous improvement for future programs. A program they will all enthusiastically want to be a part of.

NQF areas in focus
QA 5 Relationships with children
QA 6 Collaborative partnerships
QA 7 Governance and leadership

Connection to the Natural World

In a safe, contained environment get up close to invertebrates. Holding insects and appreciating them can build respect through understanding and reduce fear.


Invertebrates play a vital role in the functioning of the world so let's have fun and be comfortable in their presence.

​Communicating Confidently

As we are social creatures communicating effectively is significantly important to all of humanity and none more so than when working collaboratively to obtain the same outcomes.

In the National Quality Framework it states that effective communication is critical in order to have great relationships with
co-workers, children and families.

This workshop also covers communicating well with our self.