The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

I’m excited to share news of a beautiful lady I deeply resonate with, Bronnie Ware, who will be talking in Fremantle Western Australia on Saturday 20th of May 2017. Bronnies theme is, Bloom: A Tale of Courage, Surrender and Breaking Through Upper Limits. Bronnie was inspired to write the book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying after sitting at the bedsides of many dying people.

In my work I find the five regrets Bronnie writes about to be universal. "Can you say YES to these five questions?"

  1. Do you live your life true to yourself, not what other people expect of you?

  2. Do you have work/life balance?

  3. Do you articulate and express your feelings freely?

  4. Do you maintain strong social connections with your family and friends?

  5. Do you allow happiness and joy in your life? (Even though life comes with trials and difficulties.)

If you answered no to these questions please reach out and contact me. I have coaching spots available. Email me here for a complimentary chat to see if we would work well together to turn your no's into yes's. I already believe in you and know healthy change happens.

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Stay strong, stable and connected to each other,