Loving Elderly Parents

Are you torn between wanting to give your elderly parents your undivided love and attention only to be left feeling constantly guilty because you’re juggling several other balls in the air at the same time like, a full time job, a home to maintain and family to keep alive? We can wonder where is the order and peace. The fact is, life is unpredictable and messy. Don’t chase happiness, you will be disillusioned and disappointed. There is power and value in being fully present to all emotions. We have been gifted many to appreciate and experience. Life is not a bed of roses it can be bloody hard sometimes. How is it for you? For me it’s because my elderly Mum who is not depressed and has had a wonderful full life wants God to invite her home. We laugh with her and spend time with her, making sure she is getting the best possible care when we aren't with her. Here are a list of questions from David Isay StoryCorps you can ask someone.

Story Corps questions

  1. What was the happiest moment of your life? The saddest?

  2. Who has been the most important person in your life?

  3. Can you tell me about him or her?

  4. What lessons has your work life taught you?

  5. What are you proudest of in your life?

  6. Are there any words of wisdom you’d like to pass along to me?

  7. How has your life been different than what you’d imagined?

  8. How would you like to be remembered?

  9. Do you have any regrets?

  10. Is there anything that you’ve never told me but want to tell me now?

  11. Is there something about me that you’ve always wanted to know but never asked?

  12. Tell me about things in your life that bring you comfort and peace?

  13. Tell me about someone who has inspired you?

  14. Tell me of someone who has influenced you today?

Need to talk to someone about your elderly parents? Send an email to me

Stay strong, stable and connected to each other,