Time With Friends

I'm off to spend time with girlfriends in the country. As much as I love sharing life, (with all its complexities) with my husband, I soak up the occasions I spend with my soul-sisters. We return refreshed, restored and reminded of our individual strengths to share with the world.

I sincerely hope you have that connection with others as well. If you don't, or if there is something missing in your life like a close relationship, leave me a comment below so we can connect. I have many resources and ideas in relation to living a meaningful life with purpose.

In my life coaching and consultancy business I offer a complimentary phone or Skype session for us to get to know each other. So please take advantage of this by emailing me. I may be just the right person with resources to guide you in the right direction.

I have to share the grateful.org website with you again. This quote was recent. For me to receive a quote of inspiration in the morning is true tonic.

Stay strong, stable and connected to each other,