Stress and Burn Out

If you work in human services you are likely to be aware of the negative effect burn-out can have on yourself or your colleagues.

On the website Kathy Graham has written of 10 top stress busters. I like her recommendations.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Learn some simple relaxation or meditation techniques.

  • Do something every day that gives you pleasure.

  • At work, avoid unreasonable deadlines and minimise boring or repetitive work.

  • Leave work as early as your workplace allows.

  • Don't regularly take work home.

  • Say 'no' more often.

  • Get colleagues and family members to help with burdensome tasks.

  • Talk to a doctor, counsellor, friend or religious adviser.

  • Postpone major life changes, such as moving house or changing jobs, until you're feeling better.

  • Learn positive self-talk.

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Stay strong, stable and connected to each other,