Noticing Nature

Do you find it hard to live in the moment? Another approach you could try is to simply notice what is immediately around you and give it your full attention. The change of season is a refreshing time to do just that. Currently we have spring with all the plants flowering and insects pollinating them. Even with extreme weather conditions, like drought, the plants adapt to survive, notice that. For those of you in the northern hemisphere, Autumn is an equally impressive time for your senses.

As some of you know I have three passions, children’s well-being, educators and carers well-being and nature. I am currently busy in our business, Spineless Wonders, presenting about invertebrates to many children in centres and schools around Perth. I love it. If you don’t live in Perth I can send you some resource materials related to teaching about invertebrates. It is an important part of nature children love to learn about. Teaching about invertebrates fits in well with QA1 and QA3.

Take care of your well-being and stay connected to each other while playing a mighty role in the lives of children. You do an awesomely important job.

love Fleur