Dancing With Your Fear!

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

I listened to Seth Godin being interviewed by Tami Simon and some of his inspirational tips include,

  • not to fly too low and get to the end of the show with our songs still in us,

  • if we have dreams or desires it is selfish not to explore and perhaps develop them,

  • take a leap as it is a requirement of the creative process,

  • there is no art-making without resistance. Seth Godin's definition of the word art is “the work of a human when the human does something that might not work, and when a human does something that touches another.”

So take risks, expose our art whatever that entails and try again if things don't work out.

What 'art' are you willing to create and develop as you work with children? I would love to know. If you need someone to tell and give you inspiration along the way contact me through my website!

Stay wonderful and be well!

Fleur Knowles

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